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Brazil's one and only religious travel publication

logomarca Viagens de Fé - revista eletrônica de turismo religioso

Viagens de Fé ( Faith Journeys ) is Brazil’s one and only publication on religious travel, focusing on promotion of religious tourism, it’s destinations and events.
It’s readership comprises both travellers and travel agents.
It’s over 30,000 readers per month generate over 112,000 pageviews and a great rate of social media interaction.

Brazilian Religious Travel Market

Círio de Nazaré, evento de turismo religioso

With a population of over 205 million inhabitants, Brazil has the largest catholic population on the world.
Religious travel is a traditional activity for catholics in Brazil.
Just the Sanctuary of Aparecida receives over 12 million visitors per year.
Recent studies point out that more than 35 million catholic Brazilians travel for religious purposes every year.
Viagens de Fé also conducts studies on religious travel and provides content for events related to faith related tourism.
It’s Editor, Amadeu Castanho, is a frequent speaker at tourism congresses, foruns and workshops.